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Last week was one of the craziest weeks of my life. We packed our time in Cape Town with adventures and charity work (helping to re-introducing cheetahs into the wild, water accessibility). We saw some of the craziest landscapes and wildlife. Cape Town has quickly become one of my favourite cities in the world.

People in the video:
Sam Kolder (@sam_kolder)
Rory Kramer (@rorykramer)
Charly Jordan (@charlyjordan10)
Elisha Herbert (@elisha_h)
Renee Herbert (@reneeherbert_)
Timothy Sykes (@timothysykes)
Paris Verra (@parisverra)
Maggie Keating (@maggiekeating)
Evan Paterakis (@evanpaterakis)
Matt Abad (@badboi)

Shot on the
Canon 1Dx ii
Canon 5D mk4
GoPro Hero 6 Black
DJI Mavic Pro Platinum

A huge thanks to Timothy Sykes for making this whole thing possible.

Hippo Roller:

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Many people desire to travel but think that it is too expensive, and therefore completely unattainable to them. But the good news is there are inexpensive ways to travel on a budget, where we can still expand our minds, travel sustainably and give back to the communities we pass through. Today I'm really excited to introduce you to my friend Melica who is going to share a handful of websites she uses to travel on a budget and give back to the community.

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Welcome to My Volunteer Experience with WORLDPACKERS | Travel for free Vlog 003.

#digitalnomad #volunteerexperience #worldpackers

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Guys, in this video, I want to share how I started My Volunteer Experience with WORLDPACKERS and how far it led me.
I bought a one-way ticket from Bucharest to Madrid in June this year with the plan in mind to stay for ONLY 1 month, and now I have the whole next year planned.

And this is possible because I decided to say YES to my dream of becoming a digital nomad, to start volunteering with my skills and time, and to explore this world and expand myself as a human.

So to give a bit of context, a few years ago, a seed was planted in my mind - how can I become a digital nomad?

I was an employee then, working in sales and travelling company ACORD TRAVEL ROMÂNIA for 3 years, but I wanted to do something on my own, something MORE, so I started to be a freelancer working in Digital Marketing - 2 and a half years ago.

This is what I wanted, to be free from a space I needed to work - I wanted to earn my income only through my laptop and wifi and be able to move.

Then covid came, I stayed home for 1,5 years, and then, in the spring of 2021, my desire started to burn again, so I started looking around for opportunities.

Being a freelancer and not having a stable income all the time, so that I would be able to pay for rent in the places I will go, I decided to be a volunteer. To volunteer with my time and skills as a social media content creator.

This is how I found out about Anceu Coliving ∙ Powered by Community. Balanced in Nature.

I applied as a volunteer here in April through the @worldpackers website, Agustin, the owner of this place, immediately accepted me.
I was woowed! "This actually works - there are people able to offer you free staying in a-ma-ziiing places, and all you need to do is to volunteer with the skills you are best at".
So that I started my digital nomad - working on my personal projects but also afford travelling and not paying rent because I volunteer.
How awesome is that?

I feel like I am dreaming all the time - but this is my life now.
Is it true? Is a way of living.

To go around the world, volunteer, fail, lose jobs, stumble upon difficulties, cry, laugh, make friends, lose them, travel, make lifetime memories...
I want you too to experience this.
It elevates your mind and spirit!

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A short video of some of the activities I got up to on my charity trip to India with Saphara.

Shot using a Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera and GoPro HERO4 Session.

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Great Guns and Director Duncan Christie deliver a heart wrenching and moving campaign film, ‘2050’, to promote and raise funds for the UK’s largest breast cancer charity, Breast Cancer Now.

The film follows a young girl on a secret mission – the purpose of which isn’t revealed to the viewer until the very end. Over a series of days, we see the tiny trooper determinedly studying complex science textbooks, watching quantum theory videos, and raiding the house for objects to use in her special project. In the final reveal, the girl wakes up her mother, who has breast cancer - and leads her inside a ‘time machine’ that she has made from cardboard and household items. As mother and daughter sit in the makeshift machine together, the girl turns the dial from 2017 to 2050.

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Warchild USA Founder Dr. Samantha Nutt says that volunteer trip you might be going on this year isn’t helping anyone.
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“Voluntourism trips are largely designed to benefit the visitor — rather than the host communities — making a spectacle out of poverty and reinforcing outdated stereotypes about developing countries,” she explained. “Volunteer tourism — sometimes called voluntourism is now a multi-billion-dollar industry, with millions of people volunteering while on vacation every year.”

But is this industry all it’s cracked up to be? According to Nutt, reports from Haiti and Cambodia say that orphanages offering volunteering experiences for tourists have been accused of keeping conditions deliberately bleak so that visitors will feel compelled to give more.

Studies by child psychologists on South Africa of orphaned children exposed to ever-revolving foreigners also found that they might become overly affectionate because they constantly form bonds with people who abandon them.

“Impoverished communities around the world won’t be ‘saved’ by our volunteer labor and good intentions.” Nutt warned. “Quite the opposite. What they want, need, and deserve, more than anything else, are the tools, resources, and opportunities to learn and to do that work themselves.”

She also suggests that tourists invest in an area’s economy by buying locally when they visit, especially Caribbean nations still reeling from recent hurricanes.

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Thinking about volunteer abroad for the first time? This is the ultimate guide on incredible volunteer projects from around the world you should consider, including our top 10 favourites that we have volunteered at ourselves. Have you volunteer abroad? Would love to read about your experiences in the comments below:

Full list of life changing volunteer abroad experiences listed here ---

[1:05] Manatee & Marine Conservation - Belize:
[2:25] Sustainable Community Development - Cambodia:
[3:28] Sea Turtle Conservation - Costa Rica:
[4:54] Wild Animal Rescue Shelter - Ecuador:
[5:50]. Monastery School Teaching - Myanmar:
[6:43] Animal Rescue & Conservation - Costa Rica:
[7:49] Wild Animal Sanctuary - Australia:
[8:45] Giant Panda Center - China:
[9:53] Wildlife Sanctuary - South Africa:
[11:38] Marine & Turtle Conservation - Maldives:


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Volunteering is a great way to travel the world, make a difference, help other people or animals, and meet new friends. Whether you are a college student, a university graduate, or a professional on a career break, you can be sure there is a volunteer program for you. These days, there are thousands of interesting volunteer abroad programs available in many countries all over the world. For today's post, we took a closer look at some of the best volunteer programs that might be interesting for you. From protecting sea turtles in Costa Rica and teaching English in Bali to farming projects in the Caribbean and castle renovation in France, here are 25 Volunteer Travel Experiences You Should Try.

25 Volunteer Travel Experiences You Should Try | List25

Husky Ranch in Canada
Wildlife Research in South Africa
Heroes on Horseback in India
Go Remote in the Amazon, Ecuador
Build Community in Thailand
Teach English in Haiti
Appalachian Trail Conservancy, USA
Protect Sea Turtles in Costa Rica
Help the Disabled in Guatemala
Help Children in Tanzania
Teach English in Sudan
Ridge to Reef Organic Farm, Virgin Islands
Teach English in Bali
Explore Magical Tibet
Cheetah Conservation Fund, Namibia
Archaeology Volunteering in Romania
Atoll Volunteering in Maldives
Canine Therapy in Bolivia
Teach English in Malawi
Children's Program in Dominican Republic
Fiji Shark Conservation Project
Australia Volunteer Project
Agriculture & Farming Project in Jamaica
Castle Renovation in France
Galapagos Islands Project in Ecuador

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25. Kazisdaman via wikimedia commons, 23. David via Flickr, 22. Francisco Chaves via Flickr, 20. International Disaster Volunteers via Flickr, 19. Blinute via wikimedia commons, 18. Claudio Giovenzana via wikimedia commons via, 15. UNESCO via wikimedia commons, 13. Yves Picq via wikimedia commons, 12. Antoine Taveneaux via wikimedia commons, 10. user:omarshehab via wikimedia commons, 6. Feed My Starving Children via Flickr , 5. Terry Goss via wikimedia commons, 3. The Tahoe Guy via Flickr, 2. Andreallrns via wikimedia commons

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From the creators of Radi-Aid and Let's Save Africa - Gone Wrong! Meet Lilly, and volunteer to SAVE Africa by challenging your perceptions at:

We’re messing with you. Who Wants to Be A Volunteer is – at least so far - not a reality show, and Africa is still not a country. But in our video, did you recognise the familiar stereotypes of how the African continent tends to be portrayed? Or the image of the “white hero” and the “exotic other”?

We need to change the way fundraising campaigns are communicating issues of poverty and development. This is why we are awarding creative fundraising campaigns with the Golden Radiator Award, and stereotypical campaigns with the Rusty Radiator Award. An international jury has nominated seven videos, and YOU get to decide the winners by VOTING NOW! Winners will be announced 2nd of December.

The video is made by The Norwegian Students' and Academics' International Assistance Fund - With funding from The Norwegian Agency for Development Cooperation (Norad). Video by NEFDT Films
and iKind Media

Executive Producers: Kristoffer Kinge, Sindre Edland-Gryt, Kristin Marie Skaar
Creative Team:
Stine Navarsete
Eva Lien
Jørn Wichne Pedersen
Almaz Asfaha
Annette Hexeberg Hammerstad
Vanessa Merinen
Cathrine Nodberg
Kaare Bilden
Erlend Seilskjær

South African Team:

Director, writer and co-writer : Matt Nefdt
Producer, writer and co-writer : Devin Carter
Production Manager : Rose Lovell
Executive Producer : Michael Nefdt
Production Design : Clint McLean
DOP : Devin Carter
Gaffer : Jonathan Nivison
Sound : Ryan Hall
Makeup and Hair : Pam McNeill
Camera Assistant/Jib Operator : Dylan Marriot
Production Assistant : Calyn Hilder

Cast :

Game Show Host : Breezy V
Contestant : Katy Moore
Guest Appearance : Michael Mbhele
Dancers from Flatfoot Dance Company

Post :

Offline : Devin Carter
Online : Matt Nefdt
Music composition/sound design : Kurt Peinke