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Welcome to My Volunteer Experience with WORLDPACKERS | Travel for free Vlog 003.

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Guys, in this video, I want to share how I started My Volunteer Experience with WORLDPACKERS and how far it led me.
I bought a one-way ticket from Bucharest to Madrid in June this year with the plan in mind to stay for ONLY 1 month, and now I have the whole next year planned.

And this is possible because I decided to say YES to my dream of becoming a digital nomad, to start volunteering with my skills and time, and to explore this world and expand myself as a human.

So to give a bit of context, a few years ago, a seed was planted in my mind - how can I become a digital nomad?

I was an employee then, working in sales and travelling company ACORD TRAVEL ROMÂNIA for 3 years, but I wanted to do something on my own, something MORE, so I started to be a freelancer working in Digital Marketing - 2 and a half years ago.

This is what I wanted, to be free from a space I needed to work - I wanted to earn my income only through my laptop and wifi and be able to move.

Then covid came, I stayed home for 1,5 years, and then, in the spring of 2021, my desire started to burn again, so I started looking around for opportunities.

Being a freelancer and not having a stable income all the time, so that I would be able to pay for rent in the places I will go, I decided to be a volunteer. To volunteer with my time and skills as a social media content creator.

This is how I found out about Anceu Coliving ∙ Powered by Community. Balanced in Nature.

I applied as a volunteer here in April through the @worldpackers website, Agustin, the owner of this place, immediately accepted me.
I was woowed! "This actually works - there are people able to offer you free staying in a-ma-ziiing places, and all you need to do is to volunteer with the skills you are best at".
So that I started my digital nomad - working on my personal projects but also afford travelling and not paying rent because I volunteer.
How awesome is that?

I feel like I am dreaming all the time - but this is my life now.
Is it true? Is a way of living.

To go around the world, volunteer, fail, lose jobs, stumble upon difficulties, cry, laugh, make friends, lose them, travel, make lifetime memories...
I want you too to experience this.
It elevates your mind and spirit!

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