The Wonderful Life of Private Charity

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What’s the best way to help people? No, it’s not through government aid or tax-funded social programs, but private charity.

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"71% of all contributions to charity are from private individuals. That number rises to 80% if you include all of the money the deceased have left to charities in their will!"
This last year charitable donations in the US exceeded 390 billion dollars, which is an all time high.
Roughly 70% of all money budgeted for government assistance gets spent upholding and maintaining the bureaucracies charged with the task of helping the poor. When you pay your taxes for the war on poverty, it’s more likely your money will end up in the pocket of a middle class public sector worker than with a poor person in need.
Private charities only spend 30% on infrastructure and employees, and the other 70% on the poor.

Written by Seamus Coughlin & Sean Malone
Animated by Seamus Coughlin

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